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Welcome to my blog!

My blog will give you a taste of who I was, who I am and who I want to be — it’s nice to meet you.

I was born a fourth generation Floridian in the town of Eustis to Rusty and Victoria Rivers. Later my family moved to Newnan, Georgia, where my brother, Jordan, and I fell for the charm of the South.

I enrolled at Auburn University fall 2010. After my first year of school, I took off one year to establish Alabama residency and returned fall 2012 as an in-state student. In college, I worked as an associate trainer at Panera Bread during my year off and continued to hold that position for three and a half years. I worked for one year as an intern and writer for Auburn University’s Office of Communication and Marketing, and also served the university as a Camp War Eagle counselor in Auburn’s orientation experience.

I graduated from Auburn University May 2015 with a degree in public relations and a minor in leadership studies. I was hired at Faces in August 2015 as the company’s first marketing specialist. My experiences in a regional and international Elite, or emerging leadership, program within the industry has made me a more focused industry professional and I’ve developed lasting relationships and a love for the industry as a whole. In December 2018, I moved to Dallas, Texas to join GSG as an event coordinator.

I love to read and have been on a huge audio book kick. My personal interests also include any excuse to watch a movie, painting and spending time with my two English Setters. I am passionate about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and an organization called To Write Love on Her Arms.

I strive to be an optimist and to find beauty in the little things. I believe that community is essential and above all else, love and hope bring the promise of better days ahead.

My personal motto is, “Move for things that matter.”

This started as a collection of writing samples for my Style & Design class at Auburn University, where I have created a digital resume and portfolio; you can find it at toririvers.com.

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