Finding blessings in my Monday

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Half of Sunday is often spent dreading Monday.

Wasn’t I just at work…where did my weekend go…what did I even do for these two days?

Five more days until the next weekend.

But this morning I decided to choose my attitude – I decided this Monday didn’t have to be dreaded.

There is air in my lungs and today is the most interesting day to be alive. Today holds the chance to be surprised, and even more…thankful.

So I decided to take a minute to reflect on all of the blessings this Monday has brought me:

I woke up with my darling cat cuddled beside me – thankful for sweet Dinah’s companionship. She loves me unconditionally, even when I accidentally push her off the bed or roll over too many times in the night. She’s happy to see me awake in the morning (even if it might be mostly for her breakfast), and she’s happy to see me come home at the end of the day. I so often take for granted that little, white kitty of mine. How blessed my life has been for almost four years now. I’m thankful for our snuggles, even if your hair gets in my face…and everywhere in my apartment. I’m thankful for your cranky expressions; they keep me laughing. Definitely a reason to wake up smiling.

I have a spacious and comfortable apartment. I’m thankful for the financial security to afford a nice living environment and for the safety felt at home. I’m thankful for my heavenly bed to keep me rested, my fuzzy blankets and heating system to keep me warm during these cold winter nights, my shower to wash away any stress and start the day fresh, and my clothes to support me and keep me comfortably protected.

I’m thankful for a full fridge, which leads to a full stomach. I’m thankful for cream cheese – thankful we live in a world with bagels. I’m thankful for coffee to wake me up and make me a functioning person, for clean water throughout the day, vending machines that often satisfy my cravings, lunch breaks to spend “me” time (like blogging!), and never wanting for things I desperately need and don’t have.

I’m thankful for the cotton candy sky that I drove under on my way to work and for the seat warmers in my car – oh THANK YOU for the seat warmers in my car.

A mother who mails me books and sends me pictures of my animals back home, a father who encourages me and calls me to say “I love you,” a brother who sends me entertaining snapchats and nerdy links because he knows they’ll make me smile. For grandparents to mail letters to. Friends to call when I’m feeling lonely, happy and every emotion in between. For conversations, dinner plans, catch-up texts and future adventure planning.

For a job. For generous employers, patient coworkers, dedicated staff members and trusting clients. For hard work and ambition. For knowing that at the end of the day, I’m doing pretty well as an “adult.” For past mentors, teachers and employers – and for keeping these relationships kindled. For the education that lead me to where I am and all the educational opportunities today, this Monday, brings.

For self reflection, openness and honesty. Self love and appreciation, complemented with empathy and love for others.

For a future – that will be filled with surprises, and even more reasons to give thanks. For endless potential.

For today and every Monday to come.

I hope you find positive vibes along your Monday journey.

5 Responses to “Finding blessings in my Monday

  • You are a special young adult now. How proud your Grandparents are of you. Your special Christmas Lambs were glad, yet anxious to see you this year. Many of us will not be around when you come back. But, it was such a pleasure to be able to spend a few minutes with you. That’s SPECIAL.

  • I normally hate Monday…. Thank you for your perspective and hopefully a different mindset for the Mondays to come!

    • Thank you Mrs. Kari! Sometimes it’s easier than other times to “choose your attitude,” but it’s something I’m definitely trying to work on.

  • Beautifully written! You have such a great way of writing what is in your heart!

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