Looks like I’m a Texas girl now

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Let’s start with the announcement

Sadly my time at Faces and life in the Birmingham, Alabama area has come to an end. I am excited to share my next step: I have accepted a position with Graphic Solutions Group (GSG) as an event coordinator – handling their trade show management. My official start date is Monday, Dec. 3 in Dallas, Texas. (If you start to ask me specifics about the move i.e. where and when….I resort to a Jon Snow personaI know nothing.) I CAN tell you that I am over-the-moon excited!

I’m confident that joining team GSG will provide me with incredible professional development opportunities, creative stimulation, and an enthusiastic network of both professional mentors and supportive friendships.

Coming full circle

On my first day of work at Faces (Aug. 10, 2015), my boss, Troy Crocker, suggested that I write about my experience. So I did just that and called it: My first day in the “real world.” It’s funny looking back – Troy already seemed to know me quite well. Writing about my first day of work enabled me to share my story and channel my creativity – it allowed me to connect with people I care about. I think it’s only fitting that on my last day at Faces, I do the same.

Bittersweet goodbyes

I remember taking this job thinking, “I can’t imagine I’ll be here very long.” However, not a lot of time passed before I realized that I had stumbled into a truly wonderful opportunity. This job immersed me in an industry that’s more like a giant family than competitors. It also left me with a crippling inclination to analyze signage as I drive down the street…

I was able to travel, get involved with our regional associations, pour myself into developing a more personal brand for the company, establish myself as a leader in two Elite programs, and I was given a home away from home. My Faces family has seen me through two moves, the chipmunk stages of wisdom teeth removal, the addition of two puppies, family hardships, and the struggles of slow and stopped trains. The last one is something I will happily live without (hopefully); the little moments and office inside jokes are things I will dearly miss.

It’s only “for now”

My friends have told me several times, “your industry is weird.” There’s no doubt about it; the sign industry is something special. When I went to my first trade show everyone kept telling me, “once you’re in it, you never get out.” Well…so far so true. Troy knew what he was doing early on; he got me involved and connected with leaders in the industry. Colleagues became friends, customers became family, and vendors became inspiration. One of the many benefits of my new job is the chance to remain in my industry – to continue to learn from seasoned “sign guys” and to foster my relationships.

So the beauty in all this, is even as I say goodbye, it’s only goodbye for now. Next time I see my friends, I get to share stories of my new adventures in Dallas – and I cannot wait for them to start!

Thank you Faces for the lessons, memories and guidance – for being my home – for building my foundations. Thanks for encouraging me to move for things that matter. Thank you for being supportive and excited for me now, even as we say goodbye.

Here’s to the chance to build a new home and a second work family with GSG.

Looks like I’m a Texas girl now


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