Lost at sea

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Sun beams
Whose warmth I’d normally welcome
Remind me that I’m still adrift

They beat down, beat me down
And blister my skin
Leather to my touch, if I could feel

I’m lost at sea
Trying not to waste my soul
But letting it shrivel in the sun

How long have I been here?
Have I ever been anywhere else
But here?

Ocean waves
Whose touch would normally refresh
Haunt me with their summons

They surround me, swaddle me
and threaten decimation
A thirst that cannot be quenched, or healed

I’m lost at sea
Trying not to drown my soul
But abandoning it to the waves

Will I ever find my way home?
Do I even have a home
To return?

An aching solitude
Flooded by the waves
Evaporated by the sun

A bleeding void
Hidden by the waves
Always in the spotlight of the sun

There is no earth
There is no moon
There is only chaos

I’m still lost at sea
Trying to survive
But not wanting to be found

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